Milestones and History

Through the integration of industry value-chain with our global business, Giant Group has been able to show our partners the possibilities in innovation and development through our meaningful partnership


Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Giant Group) was founded

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded by King Liu in Taiwan. With professional manufacturing capabilities at its foundation, Giant was committed to breaking the stereotype that European and American markets held for subpar-quality "MIT" products. Giant started working for world-renowned bicycle brands as an outsourcing manufacturer. With consistent quality, Giant has become the main bicycle manufacturer worldwide.

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Giant Group launched its private brand, GIANT

In order to achieve sustainable development, Giant Group regards the establishment of private brands as a medium- and long-term goal. The first private brand, GIANT, was launched in 1981, transitioning Giant Group into a brand holder company. On the other hand, Giant Group also enhanced its R&D and design capabilities to deploy a global marketing roadmap as its first step into the international market.

Giant Group Europe was founded in the Netherlands with an international marketing network of private brands

When building a global marketing network, Giant Group was racing against time. The company’s first branch was launched in the Netherlands in 1986—the first step toward introducing the GIANT brand worldwide. This was followed by Giant Group’s entry to the United States, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, China, and other markets, year by year. Giant Group’s marketing roadmap was successfully established worldwide in just a few years.

Cadex, the world's first mass-produced, carbon-fiber road bike was launched, opening up a brand-new era of GIANT Group with the adoption and use of composite materials

In order to demonstrate its high quality to the world, Giant Group established a very forward-looking vision to promote its brand. It began investing in the manufacturing and development of carbon fiber frames in 1985, thus becoming the first company in the world to invest in the research and mass production of carbon fiber frames. In 1987, the Giant Group launched Cadex bikes under the Giant brand, using composite materials and frame structures composed of carbon-fiber and aluminium-tube parts. Compared to the costly carbon fiber bikes hand-built by a few foreign manufacturers, Cadex was the world's first mass-produced carbon fiber road bike.

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. shares were listed in Taiwan

In its global expansion, Giant Group set up its headquarters in Taiwan and founded foreign subsidiaries with 100% sole proprietorship. Giant employs local talents and offers complete autonomy in management, with overseas subsidiaries regarded as strategic partners. The Giant Group then started to issue shares and develop private brands steadily.

GIANT sponsored the World Cup mountaineering team for the very first time, paving the way for future sports sponsorships

To boost global brand awareness, GIANT has sponsored World Cup mountain bike racing teams since 1995, including the American legendary racer, John Tomac, and the Norwegian mountain bike star, Rune Høydahl. Both players have won the cyclo-cross and downhill race in the Mountain Bike World Cup. With the achievement of its sports marketing strategy, GIANT's global brand image was also highly promoted. Meanwhile, the strength of R&D technology has accumulated through tests carried out by global professional drivers.

Giant Group invested in R&D and manufacturing of electric assisted bikes through its private brand

With concerns for an aging global population, energy conservation and environmental protection, countries around the world have begun to invest in the R&D of electric bike technology. As a leader in the cycling industry, Giant Group also joined the ranks in 1996. The following year, Giant Group launched the first electric-assisted bike, Lafree, under the GIANT brand. With high-quality products, professional and considerate sales and after-sales service, the brand has won the trust of consumers.

GIANT launched the world's first compact road bicycle frame TCR and sponsored the first-class professional Spanish road cycling team, ONCE

TCR's compact road geometry bicycle frame can be considered a revolutionary invention in the history of road bikes. The front and rear triangle dimensions are compressed to increase stiffness and reduce build material, resulting in a light-weight bicycle. After the launch of TCR, various bicycle brands competed to imitate it, while TCR has led the trend for decades. GIANT sponsored the Spanish cycling team, ONCE, making their TCR bike the team's official bicyle and marking the start of the many achievements of professional road cycling teams sponsored by GIANT.

A-Team: A Joint Effort

The launch of A-Team has helped to develop Taiwan as an R&D and supply hub for global high-end bicycles. Facing the large-scale entry of China’s cycling industry into the global market in the 1990s, Taiwan’s bicycle manufacturers decided to withdraw with consideration of low-cost incentives. By then, the cycling industry encountered a crisis of deindustrialization. With this in mind, Giant Group took the initiative to invite Taiwan’s second-largest bike manufacturer, Merida, and other component factories, to jointly launch A-Team, thus adopting a strategic alliance. Regardless of cooperation or competition between manufacturers, all companies integrated into one alliance that was open to one another: observing and learning from each other, and cooperatively creating innovate, high-value products.

Maestro, a suspension system for mountain bikes, was launched

MaestroMaestro uses four pivots and two linkages to create a single floating pivot point. With this innovative suspension design—whether it is intense pedaling or braking conditions—the bike can work independently and efficiently. In addition, it effectively eliminates the impact brought on by mixed road surfaces, maintaining the best pedaling efficiency and ensuring good traction. It can be applied to various types of mountain bikes, enabling its riders to enjoy the thrill of off-road adventure in diversified mountain bike challenges.

Liv/giant brand and Liv/giant Team was founded

The Liv/giant brand was founded by Bonnie Tu, the ex-executive vice president of Giant Group and the current chairperson of Giant Group. It is the world's first exclusive bike brand for women, dedicated to providing women with the best riding experience—from body design, paint jobs and coloring to in-store services. Everything is designed for women to redefine the traditionally male-dominated cycling industry. More than that, the brand encourages women to reach their potential in cycling, and empowers them to cross the threshold, to experience cycling as not just a sport of speed and sweat, but a self-fulfilling lifestyle.

Giant Adventure was founded in Taiwan to enrich customers’ expectations of the cycling experience

While manufacturing high-quality cycling products, Giant Group is also committed to promoting a new cycling culture. The purpose of Giant Adventure is to encourage more individuals to enjoy the fun of bike travel effortlessly and comfortably. Giant Adventure arranges professional domestic and foreign bike tour services, from accompanying personnel, equipment provision to accommodation and sightseeing arrangements. With an all-inclusive and detail-oriented service, both novice and veteran cyclists can savor the delight of bicycle travel in a brand new way.

momentum, an urban and commuter bike brand, was launched in China and expanded into parts of Asia and the US

momentum initially targeted the Chinese commuter bicycle market. Differing from the high-end bike brand GIANT, which focuses on sports, momentum focuses on urban lifestyle, daily comfort and leisure, and stylish designs. Meanwhile, it also introduces the R&D, production, and sales of electric bikes so that more individuals can relish in the delight of riding effortlessly in the city.

YouBike in Taipei

To solve the traffic problems of Taipei City and improve energy conservation and low carbon emission, the Taipei City Government and Giant Group jointly launched the "YouBike Smile Bike" public bike rental service program, which was put into trial operation on a small scale in 2009. Since its official launch in 2012, it has exceeded 5 million users in less than a year, and has expanded to 100 sites. Other countries and cities have introduced the service following its success. YouBike combines high-quality bike industry technologies, convenient rental procedures 24-hour customer service and dispatching services. It has been praised by the President of the European Cycling Union, Mr. Manfred Neun, as "the most successful third-generation public bike system in the world."

Dedicated to creating a better cycling experience for women, Liv was launched as the world's only exclusively female bicycle brand

Since its launch in 2008, Liv/giant has been endorsed by female consumers, and its market sales increases consistently year on year. In 2014, Giant Group announced that Liv would become independent of GIANT, becoming a parallel brand and the only bike brand exclusively for women in the world. Liv persists in mission of serving women, with the new brand spirit "Liv Beyond" representing "courage, self-confidence, and elegance". It endeavors to provide better products and services and inspire women to explore the potentials in their own life through cycling.

The high-end component brand, CADEX, was launched at the Tour de France, becoming the fourth private brand of the Giant Group

Differing from other brands under the Giant Group, CADEX specializes in producing ultra-high performance bicycle components, such as wheels, tires, and seat cushions. The brand name originated from the first carbon fiber frame: Cadex 980C, launched by GIANT in 1985. At the time, the large-scale application of carbon fiber frames was regarded as impossible. After decades, Giant Group established CADEX as its fourth private brand. Embracing the spirit of accomplishing the impossible, CADEX cooperates with the world's top cyclists to study the dynamics of bikes and riders when riding and is committed to the R&D of new material technologies and the innovation of product manufacturing processes.

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. stationed its global headquarter at the Central Taiwan Science Park

After decades of development, the Giant Group has gradually grown from a manufacturing enterprise to a business entity with four international brands. To stay in touch with the market and consumers, Giant Group relocated its headquarter from the factory to Central Taiwan Science Park. The main building includes an office building and the first Cycling Culture Museum in Taiwan. The streamlined appearance combines the corporate image of Giant Group to convey the sense of speed and fluidity in mechanical technology, making it the most stunning new landmark in Central Taiwan Science Park.


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