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On this website, you are able to report anyone related to Giant Group believed to have committed misconduct. All information submitted will be kept confidential and directed to Giant Manufacturing's management.

1. Misconduct can be reported through “Complaint” or Giant Group’s iCare mailbox
2. Reporting procedure:

  • Anonymous reports: In principle, we do not process anonymous reports. However, should it be necessary for the individual(s) reported to be investigated, an anonymous submission may be processed and used as a reference for internal review.

  • Non-anonymous reports: The receiving party shall clarify the purpose of the report and identify any specific evidence. Should it be deemed that there exists a violation of the law or unethical or dishonest behavior, the case shall be directed to the general manager with accompanying evidence.

  • All submitted reports will be kept confidential. Investigation will also be conducted independently to protect the identity of the whistleblower.

  • Should the whistleblower be a Giant Group’s employee, we guarantee no retaliation against the employee.

  • To protect the rights of the person reported and prevent them from being threatened with retaliation, Giant Group shall grant them an opportunity to file a complaint and, if necessary, convene a review committee to evaluate the complaint.

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