Corporate Governance and Operations

Through the integration of industry value-chain with our global business, Giant Group has been able to show our partners more possibilities in innovation and development through our meaningful partnership.


Giant Group's internal audit is an independent unit directly under the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Chairperson and Supervisor. Giant Group's internal audit unit conducts independent and objective investigation and evaluation of the internal management systems of the group and its subsidiaries, and provides timely suggestions for improvement to ensure that internal controls are implemented effectively and to assist the management in fulfilling its responsibilities to achieve management objectives. Audits are performed in accordance with the audit plan approved by the Board of Directors, which is based on the risks identified. Ad hoc audits or reviews shall be performed if necessary. The internal auditors review the self-inspections performed and reported by each unit, and the internal auditors disclose their audit findings in the audit report and monitor and report each unit's improvements to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.