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Liv Bicycles Tailored for Women

Liv was founded in 2008. At the time, Bonnie Tu, founder of the brand, could not find appropriate bike models and equipment that suited her. She caught an opportunity to change the cycling world to become more inclusive and create a global bike brand dedicated to women. Liv puts women first in everything. From designing and manufacturing bike products and equipment tailored for female riders around the world and providing comprehensive plans to encourage women's participation in cycling, to building a more inclusive community for female riders. The brand strives to consistently uphold its mission, to walk side by side with women unswervingly.

Liv Beyond
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As a global bicycle brand exlusively for women, Liv produces performance bikes and related accessories for women and caters to all women's riding needs with considerate services. Liv upholds the ideals of "courage, confidence, and elegance" as its brand spirit. It endeavors to motivate all women to thoroughly express themselves in performance cycling and relish in a new riding experience.

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Tailored for women

Breaking away from past bicycle framework designs, Liv tailor designs and manufactures innovative bikes and equipment for women. Therefore, women of all shapes and sizes can find their most suitable bicycles with Liv. Fulfilling women's demands does not mean limiting itself. On the contrary, Liv assists women by reducing obstacles and maximizing their strength to accomplish their best performance.

Offering more opportunities for challenge

Liv encourages women to experience riding activities, providing comprehensive programs, collaborations, and sponsorship support—from skills development and bike maintenance to competition opportunities and travel ideas. Liv creates more opportunities for women to challenge themselves. Liv believes that when more and more women join riding, competition and cycling-related careers, it will benefit more women, delivering improved services for women, and resulting in a win-win situation.

Build a community of enthusiastic riders

Liv cultivates local and global communities online and in real life, connecting women in cycling. Here, women not only feel accepted but also valued. Through mutual encouragement, support and the exchanging of skills and emotions in the community, women can build friendships, be motivated, and grow together.



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Liv, prioritizing women

At Liv, we put women first in everything we do, every frame we build, every component we spec, and every piece of gear we design. We want your cycling experience to be perfect from the very first ride. We invest 100% of our resources into supporting women and creating more opportunities in the sport of cycling. We are women-powered—from our founder to the global team behind the brand today. We work with women at every level of cycling, in every discipline, around the world, because they help us make our bikes—and the sport—even better.

Avow: the first women's triathlon bike

The Avow is the first professional-grade triathlon bike specially designed for women. The body is coated with a glamorous and eye-catching shade. The carbon-fiber, tube-shaped frame adopts an aerodynamic design according to the adjustability of the bicycle parts. The XXS size supports women of all shapes to adapt gradually during the training process to achieve the most comfortable riding position and perform at their best during the race.

Preserving female riders’ most appealing impression

The birth of Liv is to deliver enhanced and more comprehensive support for women in the cycling world. In addition to designing a female-friendly frame according to the body structure of women, it also delivers a wide range of bike peripherals for female riders from head to toe. In addition to the most basic safety requirements, the brand’s accessories and equipment help women strike a balance between safety and aesthetics while riding, ensuring that women can have a comfortable riding experience and present a confident riding style! In 2020, a comprehensive set of designed products will be launched for the first time to fulfill women's craving for stylized gear collections. In 2021, Liv will once again launch a series of head-to-toe accessories named Breakaway Collection. It includes helmets, caps, cycling jackets, cycling tights, socks, and the newly painted Langma Advanced 1 Disc. Let female riders ride more comfortably and looking effortlessly at their best.

The All New Langma: redefining the next generation of women's race bikes

The name Langma derives from the Tibetan pronunciation ( Chomolungma) of the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest. This name also echoes the major feature of this bike – an all-arounder climbing specific bike. The all-new Langma includes innovative aero-shaped tubes, handlebar, and saddle, delivering the most appropriate riding settings and incredible riding efficiency from the first ride. This bike was jointly tested and developed by Liv's top engineers, product designers, professional riders, and aerodynamic experts, creating the fastest and most efficient road bike in the Liv product line.


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Liv was founded in 2008. The brand's founder, Bonnie Tu was unable to find appropriate bike models and equipment for herself at that time, so she caught an opportunity to change the cycling world to become more inclusive and create a global bike brand dedicated to women.

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