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Momentum Urban Recreational Bycicles

A global brand, Momentum is all about pushing boundaries. Having created a new commuting culture - a combination of leisure and fashion, quality products and services, Momentum aspire to make life better for all. Momentum offers a different solution for every city. In the process of doing so, we keep probing for opportunities, making ourselves heard, and setting our pace and where we are headed - all of which are also what we aspire to help our consumers achieve.

Go Your Way
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Momentum treats bicycles as part of our daily life, carrying both traditional bicycles and electric bicycles for urban commuting and leisure purposes. Momentum believes that everyone should be able to enjoy cycling in a simple, comfortable and fashionable manner, allowing all of us to discover the kind of lifestyle that best suits us.

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Explore the City

Despite the diversity of transportation options available in modern urban life, Momentum still believes that biking is the best way to commute; a car can no doubt get us there faster, but a bike can take us on a journey, allowing us to really be present and take in our surroundings as we go. It is only when we travel this way that the trip itself starts to feel more exciting.

Living With Style

Momentum understands that cycling is one of the tools with which we meet the challenges of modern life. But in a world where we have so many transportation options at our disposal, Momentum wants to do more than just providing us all with a chic way of getting around - we want to help you get to where you want to go literally and figuratively, through our personalized and flexible options and services.





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Street: Coffee, City, and Life

Street is one of Mmomentum’s classic models, developed with the idea of designing a bike that is suitable for riding to a Starbucks for a coffee, making it possible for us all to enjoy a nice blend of coffee and cycling in our busy urban life. The coffee cup holder on the top tube of the frame is a standard feature of Street, a thoughtful design as opposed to the traditional racing bike where the cup holder is usually found attached to the down tube.

Rocker: Hitting the Streets Hot

Rocker is different from the traditional commuter bike in that its 26x4.0" fat tires can take you not only down all the city blocks, but also the pavements in the park and the sandy ground at the beach. With the fat tires and the camouflage paint-job, your Rocker is sure going to be the talk of the town when you are out there riding it.

UX: The City is Your Playground

UX is Momentum's first belt driven bicycle and is an iconic model among urban commuter bikes. With its unique tread pattern, UX can easily traverse wooded trails or the city's rugged alleyways, and is also able to adapt to all sorts of roads with a bumpy surface; the reflective coating on the frame also serves to keep the cyclist safe when riding at night. This multi-purpose crossover bicycle is designed for those looking to enjoy an adventurous ride through the urban jungle the next time they hop on the bike.

Vida E+: Enjoy Moving Around Like Never Before

Vida E+ is the first electric bike made with an electric motor for urban biking. The bike's frame geometry features a comfortable upright riding position, a simple and clean design, and a variety of color options, making cycling a fashionable activity to be enjoyed. To travel light, you may also want to add a rack to the front to help store your belongings.


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As a global brand, momentum is all about breaking boundaries. Having created a new commuting culture - a combination of leisure and fashion, with quality products and service, momentum inspires to make life better for all.

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