Corporate Knights, a Canadian media and research organization, recently released the “2023 Global 100” The World’s Most Sustainable Companies Ranking. This year, Giant Group was included in the list for the first time and awarded the 51st most sustainable company out of 6,720 candidate corporations in the world. Previously, Taiwanese companies on the list included TSMC (ranked 20th in the world in 2021). This year, two local companies were selected, Giant Group and Taiwan High Speed Rail (ranked 9th in the world in 2023). (The list of 2023 Global 100.)

Corporate Knights has conducted strict sustainability assessments for the listed companies with a global revenue exceeding US$1 billion for 19 consecutive years. There are 25 key performance indicators for the “2023 Global 100,” including resource management, employee management, financial management, sustainable revenue, sustainable investment, sustainable supply chain, and more. Only companies that set sustainable solutions at the core of their business and allocate meaningful investments to reduce their carbon footprint will be awarded the best ratings. Corporate Knights publishes the list of 2023 Global 100 through the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland, with increasing global brand awareness and significance.

Over the past 50 years, Giant Group has been adhering to the motto of “Raise the Bar—Advancing the Entire Cycling World” to provide innovative value products and services. Setting “Cycling for a Better Future” as the ESG strategy includes three aspects: Innovating a Clean Future, Transforming for Circularity, and Mobilizing for DEI as the framework to promote sustainable corporate management. Besides cycling as one of the sustainable solutions, ESG investments in recent years—such as the popular YouBike, self-built solar panels, the development of more environmental-friendly technologies, and the establishment of the Bicycling Alliance for Sustainability with the supply chain, etc.—have been recognized as “meaningful investments in carbon reduction.”

Giant Group considers sustainable development to be its responsibility in the future and believes that bicycles, with their energy-saving and low-carbon features, are the best means for future commuting and fitness. Giant Group looks forward to leading Taiwan’s cycling industry to the world, developing green transportation solutions, and achieving the goals of environmental protection and sustainable development.