Giant Group has long been the catalyst for change in the bicycle industry. Innovation has been part of Giant Group’s DNA since its foundation, allowing us to create better bicycles for all to explore the joy of cycling. Our vision and professionalism has allowed us to become a world leader today in bicycle and bicycle components.

Innovation and Technology

Smart Manufacturing

Giant Group is one of the few vertically integrated companies in the bicycle industry, with our one-stop-shop operation, R&D, mass production, and sales and service to end customers, allowing us to meet the needs of private brands and OE partners. Giant Group is currently facing challenges from within and outside the bicycle industry and intensifying competition, prompting our factories to enter a phase of transformation, optimization, and innovation, to be ready for smart manufacturing. In addition to adapting to brand new smart machinery, our factories have also fitted smart sensors to the more traditional machinery that we already have, converting them into "smart" machines able to conduct data sensing and information feedback. The degree of automation is then adjusted based on the nature and level of complexity of the task at hand. Moving with the times towards smart manufacturing is a must for industries. To help our factories become smart factories that are globally competitive, Giant Group continues to accumulate practical experience, attempting to strike a good balance between automation and manpower, and ensuring that our manufacturing processes can stay economical while maintaining excellent quality, precision, and flexibility.

Materials Technology

Innovation has been a key element along the way for Giant Group; back when steel was still the industry standard for making bicycle frames, Giant Group quickly adapted to a lighter, stronger aluminum frame. Similarly, in the 1980s, we were among the first to have ever mass-produced carbon fiber bicycles, a remarkable achievement. In recent years, Giant Group started applying its manufacturing experience beyond bicycle frames and began creating outstanding components for bicycles. As the world continues to move forward and technology continues to advance, Giant Group will continue to keep up with the times and help the industry grow as a whole by integrating innovative technologies and improving our factories.


The global bicycle industry has changed rapidly in recent years, with consumer needs constantly changing as well. Giant Group moves with the times and pays close attention to the development of science and technology. We see serving our consumers and helping us all enjoy cycling wherever we go as our top priority, so we have channelled years of research knowledge from Cycling Science into innovation and development.