Smart Bicycle Manufacturer in Taiwan

Giant Group is one of the few vertically integrated bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan. With our one-stop-shop operation, R&D, mass production, and sales and service to end customers, we are able to meet the needs of private brands and OEM partners. Giant Group is currently facing challenges from the bicycle industry. Competition has intensified, and this has prompted our factories to enter into a phase of transformation, optimization, and innovation so that we can be primed for smart manufacturing. In addition to brand new smart machinery, our factories have fitted smart sensors to our more traditional machinery, thereby converting them into ‘smart’ machines that are able to conduct data sensing and information feedback. The degree of automation is then adjusted based on the nature and complexity of the task. Moving towards smart manufacturing is a must for industries. To help our Giant Group bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan create smart factories that are globally competitive, Giant Group continues to accumulate practical experience in an aim to strike a good balance between automation and manpower. This ensures that our manufacturing processes can stay economically efficient while maintaining excellent quality, precision, and flexibility.
Global competitiveness


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AI-Assisted Aluminum Manufacturing

Giant Group's AI-assisted aluminum manufacturing is key to helping us popularize bicycles. Bicycles are the most Earth-friendly way to move around. They also solve urban congestion problems while helping us to be environmentally-friendly and active. Now, with electric bicycles, all the benefits that come with riding a traditional bicycle are made all the more evident: powerful electric capabilities and smart design work to enhance the riding experience.  Giant Group's AI-assisted aluminum manufacturing can significantly improve manufacturing accuracy, especially when it comes to building electric bicycles. During the frame cutting and welding process – a critical step in producing a good bicycle – the AI arm can cut the frame with astonishing precision, and control each weld run to ensure that the electric motor and battery fit perfectly with the frame. The AI-automated manufacturing process also further improves the quality control of frames. When the solidity of the frame adds extra weight onto the frame itself, the AI arm is still able to quickly and accurately position the frame every step of the way, thereby increasing productivity and ensuring quality.Giant Group's AI-assisted automated aluminum processing is key to helping us produce high-quality bicycle frames which pave the way towards a future where everyone can enjoy cycling.

Laser-Cut Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Giant Group is meticulous when it comes to the contour and size of every laser-cut piece of carbon-fiber cloth used to make our bicycles. Carbon-fiber products are generated through the lamination of carbon-fiber cloths. Carbon-fiber craftsmanship focuses on perfecting each piece of carbon-fiber cloth. For example: the carbon-fiber cloth for a carbon-fiber bicycle frame comes in over 100 shapes and 200 sizes. This requires about 200 to 500 pieces of cloth. A single piece of carbon-fiber cloth that fails to align might be all it takes for the overall quality to be considered defective. Laser cutting has made it possible for blueprints to be designed based on the precise amount of carbon-fiber cloth to be cut; the laser beam can be operated to cut out fine carbon-fiber fabrics of round, square, or polygonal shapes that range from 0.5 cm to 20 cm. These finely cut carbon-fiber pieces of cloth are the cornerstone to quality carbon-fiber products. When these carbon-fiber fabrics are given shape they can then be made into quality products through lamination.

Smart Laminate Technology

Giant Group's smart laminate technology has taken the functionality of carbon-fiber bike manufacturing to new heights. Carbon-fiber lamination can directly affect the functionality of the final carbon-fiber product. Carbon-fiber bicycles are all about lightness, stiffness, compliance, and carbon-fiber performance, which are all made possible through the lamination of layers of carbon-fiber fabrics. When each piece of fabric is more precisely placed in terms of its angle, direction and position, the better the overall quality and performance. And this is where Giant Manufacturing's smart laminate technology comes in: accurately laminate each and every piece of fabric. The patented, multi-axis sensor is able to pick up the carbon-fiber fabric, and the robotic arm is able to move in three dimensions, so the fabric is fitted exactly where it needs to be. Carbon-fiber lamination is key to producing carbon fiber products of high functionality. With this technology, not only have we been able to design our blueprints for lamination, we have also been able to turn our carbon fiber-fabrics into products of the highest caliber.