Bicycle Technology

Innovation in bicycle technology has been a key element for Giant Group. When steel was the industry standard for making bicycle frames, Giant Group quickly adapted to a lighter, stronger aluminum frame. In the 1980s, we were among the first to mass-produce carbon-fiber bicycles which was a remarkable achievement. In recent years, Giant Group moved beyond bicycle frames and began creating outstanding parts for bicycles. As technology continues to advance, Giant Group will continue to be progressive and help the industry grow as a whole by integrating innovative technologies and improving our factories.
Global competitiveness



Aluminum Technology

Giant Group has been leading the bicycle industry in aluminum-alloy bike frame engineering and innovation with over forty years’ experience and an unparalleled production capacity. We alone possess the technology needed to control every step of the aluminum-alloy bike frame production process. With technologies in grain refinement to advanced molding and welding, Giant Group endeavors to create lighter, stronger and tougher aluminum-alloy bicycles.

Carbon-fiber Technology

Giant Group is the world's only mass producer of carbon-fiber bicycles, frames and components, providing clients with design, R&D, production, sales and after-sales services. We made the world's first mass-produced carbon bicycle in 1987. Since then, our years of experience and expertise in materials and techniques have enabled us to produce carbon-fiber bicycles that are lighter, stronger, faster, and more comfortable.

Carbon-fiber components

With years of experience in manufacturing carbon-fiber bicycles, and the familiar carbon-fiber bicycle frame, Giant Group has also amassed the knowledge and technologies needed to manufacture carbon-fiber components. We currently offer are carbon-fiber wheel sets, wheels, and seats and more plans to add other components to the list in the future.