Smart Bike and Cycling Science Ecosystem

Giant Group has used the research from Cycling Science and incorporated this knowledge into cycling innovation and technology. The global bicycle industry—and the needs of its consumers—have changed rapidly in recent years, and Giant Group is responding to these changes by paying attention to the development of science and technology. Our top priority is serving our consumers and helping everyone to enjoy cycling.
Global competitiveness



Electric-Assisted Bicycle

Giant Group  has been in the bicycle industry for 50 years, and in the electric-assisted bicycle industry for 20 years. Thanks to our knowledge of Cycling Science, and joint smart-cycling innovation and technology research efforts with Yamaha, Shimano, and Panasonic, Giant Group is proud to present Giant SyncDrive. This self-monitoring electronic control system is a new genre of electric-assisted bicycles with a frame geometry that stays intact even with a battery installed. In recent years, we have been active in building an ecosystem for electric-assisted bicycles. By connecting people, bikes, stores and riding with the Internet (via both on- and off-line channels), we have improved our consumers’ riding and service experience. And we continue to optimize the development of new models through big data calculations . Giant Group will continue to make cycling ‘smarter’ for everyone by leading innovation in electric-assisted bicycles.

Indoor Cycling

Giant Group has also been working hard to find solutions that allow cyclists to enjoy indoor cycling when they are unable to get ‘out there’. Using advanced technology, Giant Group collects information from a cyclist when he, or she, is cycling outdoors. Based on sports science, we then analyze the change in force that comes with each step on the pedals—cross-analyzing the data from cyclists of different shapes, sizes, genders, and age groups—and we report the findings to the cyclist via training equipment and our app. This allows him, or her, to stay at the top of their game when they can’t go out. When building indoor smart cycling products, we also took into account the limitations of indoor space and noise. As a result, our indoor smart cycling training platform and stationary bicycles make it possible for cyclists to hang out, connect online, and be ‘out there’ when they are in the comfort of their own homes.