Advancing the entire cycling world

Through the integration of industry value-chain with our global business, Giant Group has been able to show our partners the possibilities in innovation and development through our meaningful partnership

Our Vision


We are the catalyst of the entire cycling world.
Through the integration of industry value-chain and our global business has made it possible for many great achievements to have come out of Giant Group’s partnership with our partners.



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Our Mission

Our Commitments


Collaborate with OE andOB as partners to even the playing field

Whether it’s our own brands or client’s brands, every thing we do is about creating the best outcome. Businesses work with us to take their products to the next level.

Set new standards in materials, manufacturing and services

At our core we are engineers, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We make innovative products using cutting-edge processes and are committed to upgrading independent bike dealer’s capabilities.

Inspire partners to create new business opportunities together

We look at every aspect of the industry’s future and work with clients to get there. We are creating new ecosystems– such as E-bike technologies, shared urban mobility solutions and omni-channel retail models.

Build communities that encourage growth for all

Alone we are capable, but together we achieve the incredible. We build global value chains and partner in projects to make better cycling experiences.